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Team introduction

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Hello! This ist team Pacelo and we want to introduce us to you!

Our team

In February 2021, we all joined the entrepreneurship program The Mission 5 - Mobility: Be Urban!, an initiative by FUTURY, Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, PreZero and Handelsblatt Media Group.

Within the three month program, we grew together as a team and developed our idea into a working prototype and built a business model around it. Graduating from the Mission program, we have the clear objective in mind to further develop our product and bring it to the market as soon as possible. We are a strong team with very diverse backgrounds and expertise areas. Working in such a team is very exiting, inspiring and allowed us, to achieve great success during this incubator programme. #Pacelo Check out the programme - MOBILITY – Be Urban – APPLY NOW! (

Get to know us!

Teresa Fürst

Project & Communication Manager

"I enjoy connecting with people, working on new ideas and bringing them to life."

Teresa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the LMU Munich. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and new forms of (sustainable) mobility. Before joining the Mission, she gained professional experience in consulting, (shared) mobility, and the start-up environment.

Max Stein Product Manager

"Finding new solutions to real life problems using technology and design is my fascination."

Max has a background as a Dipl. Industrial-Designer and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. He has gained several years of experience in the mobility sector, as well as in product development and design engineering with well-known companies.

Lukas Peschmann Design & Sustainability Expert

"Designing products that are in line with a circular society is the strongest motivation for my work."

Lukas background in Industrial and transportation design led to his role as the design and sustainability expert in Team Pacelo. Experiences in the E-Mobility Sector in his professional career give him an understanding of the developments in the future of mobility.

Maxime Rivalain Technical & Business Developer

"I am very passionate about innovation and mobility. Especially the development of new solutions for urban mobility is very exciting to me."

Maxime studied industrial engineering at the University of Technology of Troyes and currently finishes his master's in business and innovation. He gained great experience in the field of mobility and automotive industry in several big companies.

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